61 Days

I've just completed 61 days of art on an index card. It was a good challenge. It kept my mojo flowing. I fell behind a couple of times but I caught up and met the deadline.And I may not have been thrilled with many of my index cards, I felt lazy some days. Some days I didn't want to do it at all, especially if I liked the day before and my little inner pain-in-the-butt voice said,"I betcha can't top that one, smarty pants." I showed up and created something because showing up is the biggest part of it. Doing. Making time for creativity, small amounts of time on small amounts of space. It allowed me to participate in a group without seeing anyone,with my introverted self. lol. Isn't strange how much safer one feels when you're not looking at someone? Doesn't it feel kind of supportive and fun to bounce things off of other people, leave and get feedback? Feedback, give back, with others who are also sitting there feeling safe sharing their art on an index card? I think it was the right amount of days for me. I kind of heard myself say,"Whew!" I just finished looking through my pile of ICADS and put my favorite ones down on a piece of plywood just because. I found it interesting to notice what colors I am most drawn to, repeatedly. And then there were the days when I felt the need for more space. Here are most of the larger index cards. You never know. I might have ICAD withdrawal and have to start again. I should have mentioned this in the beginning. Daisy Yellow is a great source of a lot of "stuff." not just ICADs. Go and check her out.

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