Heat. Heat. Go Away!

I came home today to see that one of the lines has been lifted. I do not know how long the power was out but my house tells me a pretty long time. It did reach 105 again today so I am not going to sit here for very long. And what's up with the lone jogger on a day like today? I mean I'm all for exercise and I'm not afraid to sweat but, really! Glutton for punishment? Heat stroke? He makes me hotter just seeing him run in this swelter. Here is today's ICAD which looks like the sibling of the one(I think) the day before yesterday. I seriously cannot remember what day it was because my brain is fried. I cannot wait for this heat to go somewhere else. Anyway, here it is.


  1. Your subconscious seems to be keeping cool underwater! This looks like sea kelp in an undulating ocean to me!
    Hope the heatwave breaks soon!

  2. I must agree with you about the jogger. And I do feel your pain. Am I to assume you are without power in this horrible heat?

    My best to you - love your art,