In My PJs

Vacation day today. Yay for me! Get to hang out all day in my pjs if I want to and I do want to. I have art projects spread out all over the house at the moment between the upstairs and downstairs......... There's been a lot of thunderstorms in the evenings lately, and since my dog ,Buddy, is petrified of thunderstorms, and can't navigate the stairs because of his cataracts and long nails, I've been spending more time downstairs this week. Of course that means I have to move art stuff downstairs with me. Here are two more ICADS. I'm calling them River Valley 2 and 3 because they seem to be following the Icad from 6-16/12 which looks like this. I have another project I am working on, so I will come back later today and show you more. I hope you are having a good day. Thanks for spending some time here.

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