City on Wood

It has been brutally hot here. I have been feeling pretty sluggish and wiped out,from the stress at work and 106 temperatures, which explains my absence for a few days. You know it's going to be a very hot day when you leave the house at 7am and it's already 83 degrees. You come home at 5pm and it's 106. You tell yourself the air conditioning in your car and house really is working but it really doesn't feel like it. I am grateful for the coolness of this morning. I've been letting my city scape on wood sit for a few days. I couldn't decide whether it was finished or not. I liked it yet I didn't feel it was finished. I took pictures and was going to post it yesterday but something told me it wasn't finished until just before I went to bed late last night. Here it is when I thought it wasn't finished. Here are some closeups. I looked at it once more before heading for bed last night It still needed something, I thought. Can you see what was added at a few minutes before midnight? I think it's finished now. I like the little paint speckles. What do you think of this piece? I'm already thinking about another one. I'd like to be a bit more adventurous with the architecture. I'll let you know if the city officials and building inspectors have anything to say. Here are a few ICADs. We are coming down to the final few days. I have quite a collection and am trying to decide what I'll do with them.. If anyone really likes any of my ICADS please let know if you would like a small print. The trade off is that you have to follow/join my blog. I am also working on setting up shop on ETSEY, so stay tuned for that. Stay cool and please visit again.....................................................Jo

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  1. I SO want to live in your city! (But I have a feeling I couldn't afford the rent! LOL) The 'speckles' are just right!