A Bear at the Top of the Stairs.

When I was out doing some errands this weekend I stopped in at a thrift store near where I live. I don't know about you, but I love thrift stores. I couldn't walk away without taking a couple of these. They were whispering to me. Take us home and play with us. Paint and or decoupage. And for now they make a great seat for a bear at the top of the stairs. Not too bad for $6.00 each. Today's ICAD combines several of the weekly prompt( I do follow the prompts occasionally) of mail art and numbers. So one or two of these will be exactly that. This one is "numberless." We are nearing the end of the ICAD challenge. I look back at what I've done and I will say it has been an adventure. It has challenged me and I feel as if I've grown a bit as an artist. I can appreciate that art on an index card can be an experiment for larger pieces. I just may have to keep it up. We shall see. And speaking of larger canvases, stay tuned for the nearly finished City on Wood that I've been sharing with you. Thanks for showing up here.

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