A Big Wind Event

This might explain what happened late in the evening of my last post. I forgot to mention the winds were said to have been 117mph. I am amazed at how many birds I am seeing lately. Maybe they've always been there but I seem to be more aware of them. Maybe that's what prompted me to put them here. The storm was fast and furious. I found myself in the downstairs closet with my old dog Buddy. Thank goodness for old dogs and old dogs named Buddy. WE were a comfort for each other in the darkness of the closet, him drooling and panting, me hugging and petting him, me hoping he would not pee with fear on my foot. I fared better than many. Even though I had some neighbors trees and lines come down in my back yard and a second floor gutter left hanging halfway off, I woke to power the next morning. Storms were predicted the following night as well, but they turned out to be "uneventful." I expect some time this week the power company will be around to lift trees and lines up from the back yard. While scary and a nuisance and inconvenient, it always could be worse. I haven't lost my home to a fire and I am not homeless. I am blessed and I am grateful. Thanks for popping in. I hope you are well.


  1. Jo, so glad to hear you are alright. Really strong winds are truly frightening. I'm glad you had Buddy with you, too.

    I got a lovely postcard in the mail yesterday from you. Thank you so much,


  2. I heard about the winds! Zowie! Your house didn’t end up in Oz or anything did it?