Playing With Faces.

I am practicing drawing faces. I have never had any formal art classes other than what was offered in public school and IMHO (thank you , Robin. I get to use this now.)in my humble opinion, what was offered in art classes in the public school system was not saying too much. I think art teachers then told you that you must make the sky blue and the grass green and you got graded for staying in the lines or following instructions. So, yes. I am and have been very reluctant, hesitant. I get the heebee geebies when it comes to trying to draw faces. These sketches are mostly out of my head, other than a couple I worked from photographs. I see so many sketches of smiling, long haired-full- lash-and-lips- girls,(not women) all perfect, that I did not want mine to look like everyone else's. Not that everyone else's aren't good, but they all look the same to me. They're just so perfect and that's not realistic to me. Mine are pretty rough but they are mine and out of my imagination. I put a couple on index cards thinking I might go back and do some more with them later, maybe add some watercolor, which is new to me as well. So, here are some- in the rough, only on small sized paper for now. And speaking of faces, you've got to go check out this artist Check out how he begins the faces in the middle of the wall and fills the entire thing up. It's quite impressive.(IMHO) Maybe I should do that. I bet you I'd be pretty good at drawing faces by then. Thanks for coming by.


  1. I agree! The faces that are so popular these days are all these ‘pretty’ girls and they all look the same. Or at least similar. Yours are definitely not the same! In a good way!
    Thanks for the link! Cool artist! (and he's a lefty too!)

  2. congrats on "taking the plunge" with drawing faces and doing them YOUR way. I know just what you mean about the sameness of art faces these days. whimsical girls with tiny crowns are just not my style. I know if I practice faces on a regular basis I'll get better, but since I don't really like that faces I draw, I'm not motivated to keep drawing them.