Wax Paper

I've always used wax paper on the surface of my work table up until I purchased a protective mat. I spent the last two days doing some cleaning and rearranging the studio and in my travels came across a pile of waxed paper I'd saved. I've actually been missing working on index cards. Imagine that? Index cards + recycled wax paper = some cool stuff. I've done about 10 index cards so far in various sizes. Might have to turn them in to mail art. I find it interesting looking at these sheets to see the repeated colors I gravitate towards. I know we all have a favorite or several favorites but do you also find yourself using those same colors in a lot of your work? If you leave a comment I can have a draw and someone might have to get a piece of mail art. :) Thanks for visiting.____________jo


  1. I use the same colors because those are the paints I have on hand! LOL I love the way crinkled and painted wax paper looks. I use it to make ‘gift envelopes’ to wrap up presents. I like to sew the gift into the waxed paper so the recipient has to tear it open!

  2. i compulsively save my blotter paper (and now I might have to use wax paper as my work paper because those look soooo cool!) there's a whole lot of orange and turquoise on my workspace most days.