Here's a few of the index card/mail art stuff I've been working on using up left overs on and around my art table. Using the "catch all" wax paper from my art table seemed like a really cool thing to do but when you get to the point of adding things like lettering or certain markers it makes you think twice when the markers just slip and slide and there is no evidence that it had been there at all. I had to search the house for just a plain old ball point pen. But I do like that it is see through The first one has a Dina Wakley stamp on it. (The figure.)That also was hard to get clear on the waxed paper. Instead of using waxed paper to protect my work surface right now I am using a big piece of foam board (I think it's called) that I got at the dollar store. I turn it every once in a while. I think it will make a very interesting canvas when I decide I'm done using it. Later.....................................Jo


  1. i love the depth your waxed paper brings. worth the trouble because these are so gorgeous.