I hadn't intended to be absent so long. With some difficult circumstances on the home front with family and personal issues, as well as in the work place, life has been just a wee bit stressful. It's amazing what can be sucked out of a person. While I always have gobs of ideas running around in my head, I haven't felt too motivated to produce too much since I last posted. If truth be told, I have felt pretty down lately. I came across the box I have stashed in my studio that holds a lot of my childhood. By that I mean, my report cards, photographs, from elementary school, letters I wrote to my mother while away at college, memorabilia . you get the picture. Ok. So, I am amazed that my mother saved what she did. Like my spelling tests on the lined paper when you were learning how to print and spell. It took me back to when my mother made our bagged lunches. There were four of us. We couldn't afford hot lunches for four children on a minister's salary. I remember feeling pretty envious seeing what was on the plates of the kids who had hot lunches. And what I remember eating a lot of was either peanut butter and jelly, cheese (American, which I can't stand to this day, or bologna(which I also detest) sandwiches. I never offered my kids the last two, but they did enjoy pbjs often. So, when finding an old school picture of me, a piece of a page torn from a dictionary, and a spelling test, I through it all on one page, proclaiming myself "Egyptia," who was very disappointed to open up her lunch bag and find yet another bologna sandwich...... which, you know, kind of cracked me up when I glued it all down.I was trying to work my way out of this funk. I think I can still produce that same expression and sentiment even today. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to be back in the groove before too long.


  1. Trust me; you weren’t missing a thing not having the hot lunches! LOL Cute page!

  2. Welcome back, Jo; I've missed you. Love the memory page.