Short and Sweet

Usually when I sit down to post on my blog I am pretty tired after my work day, when I've been around so many people and my brain is fried. People are draining. So tired I cannot think of what I believe is an appropriate post title. I often sit here and ponder what the title should be, probably more than I need to and I don't want to say the heck with the post because of a dumb post title...... so duh. I'm sharing with you what's on my art table. Here is a work in progress I started last night. I like working in this huge Moleskin. And my mail box was very happy today when I received a lovely post card from Lera in Moscow. Thank you, Lera. Oops. Let's try it again. So that's it. Short and sweet. Hope you've had a good day. Thanks for stopping in.---------------jo

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