I saw these glass "thingies" at the Dollar Store. I say "thingies" because I really can't see them being called glasses for drinking or even mini vases, for that matter. But maybe that's what they are. I'm sure they hold numerous possibilities, however, my extent of going in to the Dollar Store most of the time is to find something I can use in art. I have bought those 3 page children's books for altered books, dictionaries for background pages, various kitchen gadgets for stamps, plastic containers to hold some of this stuff, tissue paper, and poster board, just to name a few. So, what ever these "thingies" are really called, I couldn't resist trying my hand at "decoupage" in hopes of coming up with something really cool. This is what I came up with. It reminds me of when somewhere in my childhood of decorating one of those tall, glass candles that you'd send home to your Mom for Mother's Day or Christmas. Was it art class or Sunday school? P.S Thanks for all your comments. I love the feedback. Keeps me going and motivated.I think I'm getting my mojo back. And for those lovely, funny, creative people that have sent me recent tidings of good cheer please email me with updated postal addresses so I can make your mailboxes happy.------------Jo

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  1. I remember making these too! Except I think I made them for my own bedroom in my high school psychedelic days LOL!
    Yours is much better!