Twelve By Twelves

I showed you this 12 x 12 on wood on September 1st. It has now become this and it has some additions. With the exception of two stencils which I purchased, the other stencils were ones I made from found things around the house, like the plastic steam tray inside Healthy Choice Top Chef entrees. It makes a great stencil. Compound joint tape from the hardware store also makes a great stencil plus it's sticky on one side so you can just push it down leaving it there without gluing. It makes for great texture. The top left one with the yellowish green background is made with recycled baby wipes which I ironed and glued down. And if you look closely there is real lacy fabric which my Fairy Godmother sent to me some time ago thinking I might want to use it somehow in creating art. It was perfect timing when I found it stashed in my drawer and began to cut little pieces hoping it wouldn't then fall apart. Pretty cool, don't you think? I'll show the missing piece when it's done. I am enjoying the cooler weather. I smell Fall in the air. Thanks for stopping by.................Jo

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