The Time for Singing ...................

The Time for Singing of Birds is come.............. ~Song of Solomon I received some lovely flowers from my daughter on Mother's Day. She knows my favorite color palette so well. Are those not gorgeous? I went to work on Monday morning and left three hours later with a fever and generally feeling like you know what. Paid my doctor a visit, came home with a Z pack, and crashed. That I didn't do any art for 2 days told me I really wasn't feeling well. Today is the first day I feel I am on the mend. I'm showing you the last two pages of my Smash Book Overhaul. It's time to lay it down and close the cover..... for now. I pasted down an index card on top of a pretty "grunged up" painted page. A catch- all piece of waxed paper was pasted down on the index card with home made stenciling. The bird on top of that. I think I was really in to red the night I did that page. I found some torn red paper from a home decor magazine and managed to catch the light on the glossy while photographing this page. (Not my intention.) Speaking of index card. It's nearly time for The ICAD challenge again. For those who have been following my blog for a while you may remember my participation in creating art on an index card for 60 days. This will be the third year for me, and while I am usually pretty enthusiastic in the beginning, I often go through a whiny stage of "Why did I commit to doing this?," because I know I will not be ok if I start it and do not finish it. I remember that I can cut myself some slack. It's ok. I can catch up. It's just a simple index card. Create something on an index card for 2 months. Sometimes you want to follow the prompts. Sometimes you don't. For me, this is an exercise for seeing something through. Of committing, of showing up. I cannot tell you how many of my ICADS I really liked and were the inspiration for something larger. There were also plenty I didn't like at all. Here is what one month of last year's ICADS looked like. In the end I am glad I have participated in this challenge. It gets my juices flowing and if I have created no other art every day but this, it's good. Check it out. The last page of my overhauled Smash Book is yet another grunged- up -paint- on- top -of- paint-page with my own art photocopied and cut up. Lot's of black paint speckles and some miscellaneous doodling. Thanks for coming on this ride with me. It feels good to have finished it. So, here's the front cover again. And the back. Talk abut a very old attempt at a face... more like an alien. But it's mine. And look how far I've come. Isn't it funny to look back at the early stuff you did? I've come to the end but I will not stop. Thank you also for so many supportive comments. I am joining the party here and here


  1. :( So sorry to hear you are/were under the weather, but glad to know you're feeling better. (I like looking back too, gives me encouragement that I AM improving!)

  2. I hope you're feeling well soon!! Wonderful art the smashbook overhaul...and I loved doing icads...I made up a little book for myself out of the ones completed. What I didn't like is how thin the paper on the icads are now compared to years ago!! Have fun I may join you!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I really love the back of your smashbookcover! That's quite a commitment: 60 days! I've done a few 30-day-challenges, and it really gets your creative juices flowing when you force yourself to create something every day, but also, I felt relieved every time it came to an end. Don't think I could do it for 60 days .... Looking forward to your creations :-)

  4. Sorry you have not been feeling well. It seems to be in the air. Sending healing energy. Lovely art pieces. I really like the bird