Being Brave at A.C.Moore

About a month ago I walked in to my local A.C. Moore (previously Ben Franklin) store armed with a bag full of some of my art and several art journals. I spoke with the manager about the fact that I had been a long time customer and was also an artist. I noted that they did not have any class offering anything having to do with art journaling and that I was very interested in teaching. He did not know anything about it so in a matter of 5 minutes before he could get away, I stood there quickly showing him the contents of my bag. His eyes lit up. He went to talk with the woman who handled the teaching schedule, came back and told me she would meet with me at another time. I had a nearly 45 minute meeting with her the following week. She too, was very interested, looking at my art, art journals and listening to my ideas. And then she said this. Getting people to sign up is going to be tough. The only class that's ever full here is the painting class. I just want you to know that it could be very disappointing as you may not have anyone sign up or even know how many people may show up until the very last minute. We cannot keep teachers here. Hmmmm. It would be good for people to see a demo of how to make an art journal, or be invited to participate as they see an art journal being made. Could you leave some of your art journals in the store so they could see what you have done? Hmmm. No, I am not willing to leave my journals in the store unless they are secured from people walking off with them (and they are not and they do, I am told) so I am beginning an art journal on how to create a simple art journal that I would be willing to leave in the store in hopes of sparking people's interest. I would really like to see this get off the ground. I think I would love teaching. So, here's to my being brave and venturing out. If no one signs up I can't say I didn't try. Please send good karma and cross your fingers and toes. Here's a few beginning pictures of a simple how to make an art journal using a manila envelope and card stock. I don't know how more simple it can get. It is my hope to have one at each end of the store and some journals already prepped for the live demo, in hopes that I can invite any passerbys to come in and start filling them up. I will have some basic art supplies, ephemera etc out on the table. Hopefully , I will create and attract a happy creative mess, where they will want to stay or sign up for a class. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Yay for you! It's sooooo hard to go out there and 'expose' yourself! Congratulations on your first step. (It gets easier every time you do it.) I'm crossing fingers, toes, arms, legs.....I hope you get a tremendous response!