If Necessary, Show Your Incisors. ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes............... The Smash Book Overhaul

Sometimes this is the way I feel. I should show them my incisors. Too bad the supervisor on the other end of Dell this evening, didn't see my incisors as I tried to get them to take back my new laptop. They would not because I am 4 days past the 30 days invoice date. "I will not do business with you again!" I said. As if my business makes any difference. The woman in my drawing could bare her teeth at any moment. I mean a snarl is right there. I like the see through, grungy layering, I like the red (how appropriate.) and I like the fact that she looks like she pretty much can stand her ground. ......... I'm nearing the end of this Smash Book overhaul. Not too much left. I want to show you some new things soon. Thanks for visiting.


  1. So sorry to hear of your problems with Dell! If they keep up the lousy customer service, the loss of your patronage as well as others WILL have an impact. This must be a ‘selfie’ since you stood your ground (as best you could!)

  2. You can see a lot of 'energy' has gone into this page. I like the 'see through' look too!