Making an Art Journal About Making an Art Journal......... and Art = Happy

A few days ago I wrote about how I'd gone in to my local arts and craft store and talked with them about teaching an art journaling class. I thought if I made an art journal about making an art journal that I could leave in the store maybe it would spark some interest. I pretty much finished it this weekend except for a few minor details. I tried to describe and show basics, thereby keeping it as simple as possible. Here are some pictures of the journal I am going to offer others to view and hold. I hope I've captured or sparked some ideas or interest to those who might pick up this little journal. I'm supposed to have "demo time" in the store where people may come in to see what is being created. I have several already begun journals where they can come in an add to or begin one of their own. If they are interested they can sign up for the class. What do you think? Please leave me your thoughts and/or suggestions.


  1. I think you have it pretty much covered! The only suggestion I would make is.....use your houses and girls when you do your demo (cuz I like them best!!!! LOL) Seriously, I think your houses will spark a lot of interest. Who doesn't gravitate to the iconic symbol of 'home'?

  2. I think you are talented and brave! That's a great idea...leaving a sample journal. I know if I came across it I would sign up for sure. Keep us posted on what happens.