Another Garage Side Collaborative

A couple of years ago MY MAN and I brought home a couple of pieces of plywood from Home Depot. We tacked them to the side of the garage. We went back and forth each on our own pieces and then switched. After several days this is what came out of that. With some editing and cropping we got this. I should stop and tell you that MY MAN had never picked up a paint brush since he was in grade school. I think he figured if he was going to spend some time with me he might want to join me in my creative endeavors. I came home one day and discovered he had painted a light switch. I think I knew I was in trouble. This giant collage is 6 feet by 20 inches hangs in the corner of the den. Here are some pictures of that first piece we dared to do together. Because the piece is so large and the corner of the room is dark, and I wanted to show you the piece in its entirety, I had to do some editing with my not so great Sony digital. Here are some better close ups of part of the piece. We called this piece I Hear it When it Breathes. The weather this weekend was perfect for throwing some paint down again... outside. And while we don't have the van anymore to bring home large pieces of plywood, we made do with a smaller piece. Again, we went back and forth. I won't bore you with every single picture but I did take a few good shots of how it changed in a matter of two days. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out. I hope I didn't bore you with this long post. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Love the collaboration! (I’m only slightly jealous!)

  2. Boring!? Not at all! I love the results of your collaborations! That is such a great idea, and so wonderful of your man to join in your creativity. Don't think my hubbie would be tempted ....