Letting Go of Heavy Things

I've been on a roll both inside and outside the house the last month or so. Cleaning, sorting, getting rid of, donating, giving stuff away, cleaning out the garage, rearranging rooms, and getting the yard cleaned up for an eventual garden, and thinking about a yard sale. It feels very good to let things go. Once I get it in my mind to do something, there usually is no stopping me, which can be a good thing and at times a not so good thing. I tend to forget that I am not twenty years old and start rearranging the furniture. I always end up paying for that later in pain. And then I forget to eat because I'm on a roll and then I get a migraine and that messes me up. In between doing all this I still made some time for Art. I think I left you with the gelli plate and making transfers onto clear packaging tape. You can see that here I then played again using the gelli plate as a canvas and may have left it sitting on my art table for several days before coming back to it, adding a layer a time and of course trying to be patient for it to dry. This is what I ended up with. Here's a close up. And here's what the tape looked like when peeled off from the gelli plate. Very cool, I thought. While I was working with those colors some of them had to be used on other things. Yes, the index card a day challenge goes on until the end of the month. Here are some of the latest. And lastly, I wanted to show you my work in progress. Nothing like going from one extreme size to another. This is on plywood from Home Depot. I hope you are staying cool and having a good weekend....... Thanks for sharing your comments and for visiting here. Please do come ** I am linking to Carolyn Dube's Party and Artsyville to the glue it lounge


  1. These are fabulous! Love how you've used your Gelli tape! Thrilled you shared this with the party!

  2. I love visiting your blog! It’s always full of ‘eye candy’ and makes me smile! I’m ♥♥♥-ing this color palette!