61 Stands Alone

Math was never one of my best subjects. As I was painstakingly laying out all of my ICADS out on the floor this evening, after a grueling work day, while trying to keep two cats from walking on them, it occurred to me that something was missing. 61 was missing. Duh! Today is the 31st day of the month. Thank goodness for understudies and extras waiting in the wings. I refused to lay them all out again for photography purposes so you will see #61 alone. We'll consider her the nearly forgotten special one. It also occurred to me that I could have laid them out in a more interesting color format other than the order in which they were made, but, I don't have the energy at this moment to do that. I had to decide did I want to lay them out horizontally or vertically to get them all in- in such a small space on the floor. I settled on both. Here they are: all 60 + one. Tell me. Would you have forgotten #61?................. I feel so much better now. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you visit again

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  1. I’m pretty sure I would have forgotten too! ;D