Pursuing Portraits

I ran across Pam Carriker's Pursuing Portraits class offering today. She is giving one spot away. You know how I have been fixated on learning to draw faces for how long now? I am entering my name in hopes I might win this spot. It can't hurt to try right? This morning as I was writing morning pages I did not draw a face. I think I am getting bored because I can't seem to do anything but frontal faces. These are the last couple of ones I have have done. I think I might put the pan pastels down and try pencil. I dunno. If you want to check out Pam's info on her class you have to go here Here is today's ICAD. #38 (Index card a day) I really should be including what number it is as I show them to you. I don't know why I haven't done that ongoing. That's it. Short and sweet. ..........Jo

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  1. I can’t do ¾ faces or profiles either :( We all need something to strive for, right? LOL