Icads and More

I am once again running behind in not only posting but actually making the ICADS. Life, you know, has a way of sometimes getting in the way. Here are a few more. The second one was soaked in a chai tea bag bath. I wanted to see how dark I could stain it. This one didn't get too dark but it has a pleasant smell. I don't like the first one with the tree. I like the tree but the piece is missing something. It's not one of my favorites so I will come back to it at some point. The last two were made with layers of painted waxed paper glued on. You know. The paper laying around on the table you've used as a pallet or you've used it to wipe your brushes. I like the grungy look. I think I mentioned a while ago that I was taking the Twenty One Secrets workshops. I hadn't anything to show for it at that point. I decided to give it a try with Jodi Ohl's class on making a journal. This is how I've been using up my many gelli plate prints I've been making and any other miscellaneous papers. These are the front and back covers for my book. Here are the inside front and back covers. And here are some pages of the first signiture (or is it signature) at this point?. This is all new to me. This book is not going to be sewn into a spine but rather duct taped and then hot glued. I will see how it turns out. I figure if I make enough of them and experiment with different techniques I'm bound to make a home made journal I like. I know there's a million different ways and resources in how to make them out in cyberspace. I like that I can finally find a place to put all those prints. They take on a different look when cut down to smaller sizes. Stay tuned. More to come. Thanks for spending a moment here............I am having a staycation this week. I am not wanting to pay attention to the time in any regard unless it's having to do with eating.( my head will tell me if I have forgotten to eat.)........Hope everyone is

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