The index card a day challenge has been completed. I did it! Another year of 60 days of art on an index card. It really has been a challenge some days. not so much of doing it but of telling myself it doesn't have to be perfect or lavishing or even spectacular. I wasn't too thrilled with some of them and I wasn't very good at following the prompts, in fact, most of the time, I forgot to see what the weekly prompts were. I was too busy creating other art. It's the fact that I showed up, had fun, experimented, and did SOMETHING on an index card. I met the challenge. It also shows I can create art on a deadline if I have to. So, there's lots of good things that have come out of this. I give you the last 6 days of ICADS. The first one was made with taking a leaf from the plant in my studio and pressing it on to a stamp pad. The second one was made with alcohol inks dripped on to the paper and oil pastels. I soaked the index card in chai tea for the third one. The mandala is painted with various inks. The next to the last one is covered with waxed paper with remnants of paint markings, oil pastels, markers and my own torn doodle. The last one is gelli plate background with torn paper with watercolor, washi tape and stitched on the sewing machine. There you have it. I hope you enjoyed show.Thank you Tammy Garcia for hosting yet another ICAD challenge. I hope you are well.......... Thanks for stopping


  1. Yay for you!! Feels good to say ‘I did it!’ doesn’t it?

  2. congrats! I really love your second to last card in particular.

  3. Love these! "Holding Pattern" is amazing!

  4. Great cards with fabulous color!