Running Behind..... and Painting Big.

Ok. So, I'm only a day behind on the ICAD challenge but I don't like to be behind. I think I will be having one of those make- ten -at- a -time days. I few weeks ago I showed you a larger work I was beginning- on a very large piece of plywood from Home Depot. It was getting hard to be working on that on the floor so I made some adjustments. This is what it looks like after working on it this weekend. I'm not really sure yet which end is up yet. I'm going to let the painting tell me. I am trusting some thing will tell me. What do you think of it so far? Thanks for taking a moment here.......................Jo


  1. Way cool! I like the ‘sideways’ picture best. For some reason the chevron design just seems right pointing to the left.

  2. Wonderful colors, Jo!! This new stage seems to be calmer then before. And beeig asked: I think you are right waiting for what the painting will tell you - something is missig, although I haven't the slitest idea what that could be...

    Best, Beate

  3. I love it so far! I like the pink scallop edge at the top. (Just my opinion)
    Have fun with the process - it will tell you soon! ;)

  4. I like the first IC (?) with the pink leaves. Is it resist?