What A Story!

My friend Robin told me recently that making journals was addicting. I was really excited about my first attempt at making a journal with duck tape but that changed pretty quickly.. Jodi Ohl over at 21 Secrets makes it look so easy in her videos. I started out ok until I "tried to nestle" (hot glued) the signatures in and then I couldn't get the book to open, or lay right or flat, so it ripped the first and last pages of each signature. OK. Jodi Ohl did that, too, in her video. No big deal.I patched the pages up. I thought maybe I hadn't left enough space for the spine so I separated the covers and started again making a wider spine. Maybe it was the thin black electrical tape I used instead of duck tape. I dunno. I went to purchase some black duck tape, figuring I could still cover up any more rips. I did hot glue the signatures back in but they still don't seem to lay right. I'm sure with practice and more mistakes I might do better but to tell you the truth, I was peeved. It was more like a challenge, a test> Did I measure everything right? Did I make a wide enough spine? Did I do everything correctly to make this beautiful home made book> I felt like I failed. Perhaps journal making is just not my thing or perhaps I really don't have the patience for it. Addictive? Not too sure about that. Robin makes journals. wonderful journals as well as she tells stories. I know. She's gifted me a journal or two and I've heard her tell a few good stories. And yes, I know there's tons of info on the internet for making journals. I wish the journal making fairy would throw some dust my way. I swear, I was like a little kid after nestling then wrestling with that glue gun that destroyed my pages. I'm on the home stretch of the ICAD challenge, although I'm still running a bit behind. That's ok. Here are a few more all in the same color palette. But if you have any ideas you want to bestow upon me I would gladly listen. Thanks for stopping in................Jo


  1. oh how frustrating! I have a terrible relationship with hot glue. my favorite quick-easy-no-sew-no-glue journal is Diana Trout's duct tape journal technique.

  2. Awww, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. I don’t know about Jodi Ohl’s way of making a journal but if you e-mail me maybe I can send you a few YouTube links to help you out. (My first dozen or so were really lousy so don’t feel too bad! ;) And thanks for the shout out and link!