Going Home- Part 4

Having been wiped out the last several days from this miserable cold, today I felt somewhat better so I did some art........ on the couch. I showed you this a few days ago where I have used my own original drawings from elementary school. I had torn them up and glued them down and added more papers to it. It dawned on me as I was playing some more with this and trying to give it some new life, that I went to see my old elementary school when I went home. Even as I was taking this picture from the car, I was flooded with memories. This old building was where I did these drawings. It was originally the High School and then as the town expanded it became the Willow Avenue Elementary School, which it was known to me. So, here are the piece once again with some new life to it. I like it better. I think it could make a cool children's card or poster. What do you think? Stay tuned for more of my trip home............... and thanks for stopping by.....................Jo


  1. I really like the combo of bold color woven with the natural browns... it's one of my favorite combinations. they go together so well!

  2. Very cute! (Is it still an elementary school? My first elementary school is long gone! LOL)

  3. Love this page,is so colorful and beautiful.

  4. That is really nice - I love the page you did with your drawings!
    Stopping by from GIT :) (late, I know ;))