Going Home - Art Along the Hudson with Dexter. Part 4

I am finally feeling much better after a five day course of antibiotics for a rotten upper respiratory infection. I wanted to share some more of my pics from my journey home to the Hudson Valley in New York. Not far from the Caffe Machiatto there is a huge mural called 'Archways' along the Hudson River. Here are some portions of that mural. I googled 'Archway' and came up with this. I'm sometimes not very good at describing things, but parts of the mural were so realistic that one could feel as if you were walking in to the scene. I am amazed at the largeness. It is a very large canvas!! One morning back at the house we were greeted by the neighborhood Dexter. Dexter really wanted to visit with Rudy the cat living in the house I was in however, she really wanted no part of him. Shame, he was a handsome fellow even through the window screen. Tomorrow I will finish my little journey with you. Stay tuned. I haven't been in my studio in nearly three weeks between life stuff, being gone on my trip, and being sick. Thanks for well wishes during my lousy week last week. I am going to make some art this weekend. I hope you can, too. Thanks for coming by........................xoxox Jo


  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better! Yay! And that is one amazing mural! But my fav part of this post (right after hearing you’re on the mend) is Dexter!

  2. Dexter and Rudy? Really? Someone has been watching "Dexter"!