Going Home - Part One.

My trip home to New York was full of color, of emotion, a flood of memories. I will share some of that over the next several posts. I took the train so I was able to relax, read, and do some art, although the departing trip was brought to a halt as we neared the state of Delaware due to the train running over something on the tracks. My own recollection of this was hearing what sounded like the train running over something thick, like branches or wood and within a few seconds an unpleasant smell of something burning. To me it smelled like burning flesh, bones. It was very sad and a bit depressing when it was confirmed, announced, after the train slowed down and stopped, and sat on the tracks, that it had, in fact been, a body that had been run over, an apparent suicide, a woman. I cannot imagine what was going through the conductor's eyes or mind. The trip was delayed about two hours having to wait for the appropriate police and other authorities to show up and still more time waiting for another train where 300 of us had to make that transfer. Moving on.............. I grew up in the Hudson Valley area of New York State, specifically in Orange County and more specifically, in Cornwall and Cornwall-on-Hudson. The pictures I am showing you throughout the next several blog posts are both in and around Cornwall. Our first stop is here where we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast/brunch. I did not see this on the internet until just now at this writing. You do have to check out the photos on their web site. Here are some of mine. And being more of aware of colors, designs and shapes.......... and having a sweet tooth.......... There was some awesome art work on the walls although I did not take any pictures. When I went to use the rest room before leaving I felt as if I was walking in to an art gallery. I forgot for a few moments what I was there for and whipped out my camera. You will need to check back with me tomorrow to see them..........................Thanks for spending a few minutes with me.......................xoxoxo Jo


  1. How awful that someone should have ended up like that on the railway line! sorry you experienced that, but as you say, how did the driver feel. These things happen here, particularly in London and the underground system...the drivers have to take time off and go to Therapy to help them cope.

  2. The train ride sounds so awful. I read somewhere that conductors have some specific training for that since they see it happen a a lot. Of all the ways to die I cannot think of a worse fate.

    Glad the rest of your travels were good.

  3. O M G!!!! How awful! For you, the conductor and the other passengers! (It's not a very common way to commit suicide.)
    Glad your trip got better once you hit NY!