Aimee is hosting yet another week of glue it Tuesday. I have had a very busy, stressful week but have managed to at least fill one side of a file folder which is my contribution for this week. Again, these paper pieces are from my own art papers and I will probably do some more on top of what's there. Thank goodness for little snippets of time in the morning in the van. And speaking of the van, the van has been laid to rest somewhere else with a transmission that was eroding, corroding, with little metallic flakes dropping into the pan, not exactly reliable etc. you get the picture, which has led me to use much of the week to car hunt, which has left little time for creativity. I now have a more reliable large enough vehicle in which to continue my morning art projects. And with that, also comes a new car payment which I have not had in at least six years. Oh, well. Such is life. Interesting to learn that the salesperson who helped me find a car is also an artist, so you can imagine the conversation moving back and forth between art and cars. I also have enrolled in a workshop here I would like to say I have something to show for this participation but at this time I do not. It has tons of workshops that are on line 24/7 through January 1, 2014. I feel it is an exciting opportunity to learn from some wonderful artists at my own leisure. I hope to be showing you more projects from that in the future. Midweek I am taking a long overdue trip to N.Y and NYC to see some dear friends and family so I look forward to relaxing on the train and doing some art. I thank you for all your comments and support. Please do visit


  1. Have a great time in NYC! Safe trip!

  2. these papers are amazing, Jo! enjoy your trip, and RIP to your van :)