Do you find that your art changes depending on what is going on inside of you? Do you tend to produce art that is happy, bright with smiling big-eyed girls and flowers because that's what we want to see, or are expected to present to the viewer? Perhaps a better question might be do you think your art reflects what is going on deep down inside you? I think we forget that we work through things with art, art saves us, art heals, and it's ok to show the dark, scary, angry serious or sad faces and colors. It's real and the stuff going on inside of us is real. I happened to come across a piece I had done in 2009. I didn't consider myself an artist then. I said to myself,"I'm just doodling." I wasn't into drawing faces (like i am now) but my gut and head were spilling over with a lot of "stuff." I wasn't thrilled with it at the time. It wasn't happy, gay or bright. But it was real and it said a helluvalot. And as I look at it today I am amazed at the power of it. Art and art journaling can be that way. Sometimes she felt large standing on the outside watching her on the inside(It's hard to see all the words.) Forward to now. The landscape within me is quite different. The face is still not a smiling face but different colors, a different place, a different time. I stumbled upon a place where there is a theme once a month for art journalers. This month's theme is The Landscape Within Me," which is what sparked this post. What does your landscape look like today? Thanks for stopping


  1. Funny you should mention this. The more unhappy and miserable I am the prettier my art becomes. I don't know why this is but it seems to be out of my control

  2. Life isn't always happy and why not show the other side in your art? To paint bad thoughts away often is a good therapy. Adore both pages.

  3. LOVE the unsmiling woman! Yes, it IS very powerful and the viewer feels that! (I don’t think it’s possible to create art that doesn’t have something of the artist in it. Whether it’s done consciously or not.)

  4. welcome aboard Jo!

    I enjoyed reading this .. I think it´s exactly what the most creative people and artists realize after they hear to their inner voice and find their minds within their art!
    Especially the first piece is stunning.. this landscape within her... half inner body half outer world..
    scrolled your art blog once more and became follower-

    thank you Jo for joining



  5. i definitely create based on my mood so my landscape changes daily. Lovely post & pages.

  6. wow - so cool the journal-pages!

  7. Both pieces you created are so rich and tell great stories!

  8. it's so interesting to look back at old work. things I created that didn't seem to have any meaning or intention resonate with me now as being very indicative of my state of being at the time.

  9. Yes, my art/art journaling always represents what is going on in my life. That's why I enjoy and encourage others to art journal, it's a great form of self-expression.

  10. Hi Jo, I like these pages very much! And I like your thoughts and questiones about art and art journaling. I'd like to answer, but not in a comment, it would become to long I think....

  11. I love both your paintings and the story behind it. It is so true. I feel exactly the same way. I only recently started art journalling and I have learned so much allready, just by being true and following where the page leads me. Which isn't allways a pretty place.
    Monique xx