More Gelli Prints with Envelopes

In continuing with yesterday's post of gelli printing, I wanted to show you that I made an envelope using a print. I simply took an envelope. unstuck all the folds and laid it out and traced it onto another piece of card stock to use as a template. I cut it out and paper marked the folds with pencil. I then took one of my double sided prints and traced the outline of the envelope(template). Folded it, glued it and voila!
Pretty awesome, I think. I know I wouldn't mind getting an envelope like this in the mail. I also carried this printing a bit further with plain envelopes and note cards (also in the dollar bin at either Ben Franklin or Michael's.)
This was so much fun.......... I might have to stay in my pajamas again for much of the day and make some more............Thanks for coming


  1. Way cool! I bet the postal workers enjoy them too!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog on my Sleeping Beauty canvas. Love what you're doing with your Gelli Plate. I just got one a couple of weeks ago and I'm still learning and getting used to it...great to have the inspiration from sites like yours. Julie