A Quickie

I want to use up as much of the scraps of paper laying around in little boxes and baskets in my work space so I'm going to try to make as many little journals as I can. I don't like to throw paper away. If I made it, I will think of an excuse as to why I can't throw it away so I have places for little scraps and on up to about 8 x 10 pieces. Crazy? What do you do with all your torn, scrap pieces of your art work? This morning I just went with what I felt like and that was to make a quick little book using duct tape, but I wanted to make the signature with scrap pieces of my art. I took the cardboard from a recycled cereal box and covered it with photocopies of my art for the front and back cover, inside and outside. and then stuck on yellow duct tape I had laying around to make the spine.
And then I gathered a few loose papers, different sizes,( even an old Geico insurance envelope that had been painted on,) folded them, and stuck them inside. For now a rubber band is holding them in place.
I can come back and fill the pages whenever I want and decide whether to tackle sewing the pages into the spine or not. I am loving being home today hanging out in my pajamas and making art. Whatever you're doing today, I hope you're having a good day. As always, thanks for stopping

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  1. I LOVE scrappy journals with bits of this and that! Can’t wait to see what you put into it too!