Gelli Plate Addiction

At some point in my travels of bargain sale hunting I came across a pack of black, blank note cards and envelopes. A dollar for ten envelopes and these which folded out.
The paper is sort of grainy and a bit like light weight card stock. I got out my gelli plate and played. These are some of what I came up with.
Note my recent hand carved stamp in the upper right corner of the first one.
Can you tell how I made these? I did not use one color at a time. I used several colors placed randomly on the plate and then "brayered" each spot how I wanted it to spread. It took several times to place the paper where I wanted it to be on the plate. I thought the results were amazingly pretty, especially on this black paper. I think it is possible to use the folded paper without an envelope. Just write or art on the inside and tape it up with washi tape or a sticker or something. I shall see. Tomorrow I will show you my results with envelopes and the gelli plate. I think I need to get out of my pajamas and get out for some air. Thanks for


  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who hangs around all day in jammies! No need to get dressed if we're creating, right? LOL
    Very interesting looking 'prints' (for lack of a better word :)

  2. stunning results on that black paper!