In My Pajamas

I hung out in my pajamas and made art for much of the day yesterday. It felt so very good. I made this.
And then I made this.
And I've been wanting to try making my own stamps. I practiced on some erasers I got at the dollar store. They work!! You can see them in the above pictures.
How's that for being productive?! I did not want the day to end. I am hoping you had an enjoyable New Year's Day. I am hoping the whole world can figure out how to have a peaceful new year. Please visit


  1. Your ladies are lovely! I’ve been wanting to carve my own stamps too, but my carving tools are so old and dull I’m afraid I’d end up hurting myself! LOL

  2. what a fabulous way to kick off the new year. Your stamps are great and work so well in those pieces.