Faces Here and There............................

My goal for last year was to get better at drawing faces.....I'm still working on them... I have a composition notebook that I write "Morning Pages" stuff in and I draw faces( or whatever speaks to me at 4:30 am with my cup of coffee) on top of that writing. I also have a composition notebook in the van which I work out of in the mornings right before work. So, there are faces here and there. I found myself wanting to do something different and with a 4 for $1.00 special st Ben Franklin recently, I picked up some embroidery thread in some favorite colors. I have not done any embroidery in at least ten years. It was very difficult trying it through paper, and it's not a very good job, but considering the challenge, I was ok with it.
Notice the flower.
And a tiny bit here.
This girl has seen better days. Between erasing the bottom lip and trying to cover it with water color the paper started to fade, I thought I better leave her alone, despite the fact that I think she looks like she has a double chin. Oh, well. There are some of us who have double chins among other things.
Here's a few more faces from the morning notebook.
Oh, one more thing. The next person to become the 50th follower of my blog will receive a piece (Note the "i" before "e" rule here, except after "c" of mail art from me. Lastly, I thank you all for your continued support and comments. I enjoy leaving comments for people and I know I like getting them as well. I believe it's so important that we support each other in this community. Thanks for stopping by............................... jo


  1. I to am trying to draw faces better, I like your faces I think you did a great job

  2. 4:30 in the MORNING? I can understand staying AWAKE until 4:30AM but I’m at a loss as to why anyone would get UP at that hour! LOL Lovely girls!

  3. Dang Jo! I think I just became number 50 without even knowing it. I was so excited to come over here from Julie's that I signed on when i started reading your great posts of how you are up at 4 and doing morning pages (for me 5) and seeing your faces (enviable) - they are fantastic. Your art is really gorgeous! the first couple are a colorishousness to the eyes and tummy!!!! Happy days Jo. Lovies, Samara