There are Faces I Remember...........

This is all a learning process. Right? Experimenting. practicing. Flying fearlessly. I've sort of adopted flying fearlessly as my " note to self" motto for this year. And so, on that note, I am flying fearlessly and daringly continuing to share with you my faces out of my head on the top of 'Morning Pages' upon waking at 5am. I am afraid they are all looking the same. Like they could be related. I am noticing that the pen bleeds when water touches it. I am noticing the faces have big lips, the eyes look wary, and that I like to draw them with turbans and or short hair. None of them are smiling so far. Hmm. I wonder what this says about the artist or better yet what does it say about the artist at 5am? Here are a few.
Ok. So the last one wasn't a face.
There's one more face I want to share with you. My Dad. Today is his birthday. He died at 59 yrs old in 1996. I miss him.
Thanks for visiting.................................... jo

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  1. I wouldn’t be drawing smiles either at 5AM! I still like them, smiles or not. (And I bet your Dad is smiling down on you.) {{{hugs}}}