A Wind Event

On Monday we had here what the meteorologist called a "wind event." Ha ha ha ha. I thought that was pretty funny actually to hear that after the fact. It caused hundreds of thousands of people to be without power for several days. Hence, my absence here. It's not really what I wanted to do at the time, but I could rationalize it as to no better time than having a "wind event." I bought a generator. You need gas to power a generator. You need to find a gas station that has power to sell you gas for your generator so you have power and you have to do all this by 10pm at night because you are hungry and very tired and cranky by that hour. You need to go to the studio and create but you can't do that for several days. I suppose I will thank my self later if, in the midst of a winter wind event, I might sit by a lamp with a hot cup of tea, and some index cards, and feel grateful. I played catch up with the ICAD challenge. Here they are for the last four days. I managed to do these IN THE VAN before work. I still showed up in the midst of a wind event. ha ha ha ha. And my mail box has been very happy lately as I've gotten some mail art and postcard from Kate in Russia. Thank you, Kate. Love the card and not just because you liked the card. And thank you to Dori in California and Debbie in the United Kingdom. Your work is awesome! How sweet is that! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. <3 your house ICAD! (Glad your power is back, I was starting to get worried about you!)