I'm Sorry

I found a post card I should have mailed a few weeks ago to Kalenina in Russia buried in my art studio. Oops! This is what I mailed her. And today's ICAD is here. And lastly, yesterday's post title came from something that popped into my head.Rubber buggy baby bumpers said ten times really fast really tripped you up. It always ended up with rubby bubby or rubby buggy bagy bunkers or somee variation. I remember my grandfather saying it to us when we were children. Tongue twister, a- tripping -over- words- peeling- with- laughter- kind- of- grandfatherly- thing. It stuck. Thanks for stopping by. It's the weekend. Yay! Time for playing.

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  1. Here’s to the weekend, she says clinking her glass to yours. Enjoy! (nice color combo on the ICAD!)