Live Your Dreams

Ok. A few things to share today... I received a post card from Aleks and Flo in Germany who really liked the mail art I sent them on Postcrossing and so they wanted to send ME something back. They knew I guess from my profile of my love of dance and so this is what I got today. Thanks you guys! It was a nice surprise to come home to after a "poopy" work week. (Yes, Robin, poopy sounds better than crappy.) Secondly, today's ICAD is actually similiar to some you've seen before. This is a larger index card and can also fall into the mail art category. Next, I fooled around again with monoprinting with the gel plate . This is my second attempt at this and so I did some larger index cards because they were close at hand and I took some of the first printing attempts and tried to do some layers on top of those. I have mixed results and feelings about these. That's all for now. I hope you've had a less than poopy week. As always, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yes, 'poopy' is much more dignified! LOL
    I like the last two here (the red and green.)
    And wasn't that a nice surprise to find in your mailbox? Lucky you!

  2. sorry to hear about your poopy week. I really like seeing your gel plate experiments.I mailed out the summer theme post cards today - you should be getting yours soon!