An Icad a Day.............

Several months ago I found a video, I cannot remember where (I'm sorry to say) on making your own stamps with flip flops. It may have been Tracy Bunkers who never fails to inspire me. At the time I didn't have any in the house and ran around looking for some. This ICAD has a leaf stamp I made from a piece of foam rubber from a cut up flip-flop. It was a gold covered leaf I got off a Christmas ornament that I pressed into the rubber which I heated with a heat tool. So, the moral of the story is don't throw your old flip-flops away and get a heat tool and look around for anything to press in to the hot rubber. It's one way of making stamps no one else will have. I found little trinkets from jewelry, a key, a nut and bolt, button. Anything you've got laying around. Imagine it stamped. So, this is today's card. Thanks for stopping by and for all your delicious comments. Jo

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  1. Interesting idea, thanks for passing it along! Pretty ICAD.