I Own My Own Dreams.... and You Did Not Make Me Who I Am...~ me

It's day three of the ICAD challenge. I am sure I am not a lone in that I am drawn to making many cards in the same color schemes,depending on my mood, and or medium I am working with. I have been making a lot of mail art post cards so these are interchangeable with ICADS. So, here is #3.
There might be a story in this somewhere......... from time to time. In the beginning ........... there was a flower..... and she was wild...........she wasn't like the other flowers........... elegant and.............hmm. We shall see where it takes us on any given day... And on another note I have to share something with you. My latest Postcrossing post card that I sent was to "a John" (lol) in the Netherlands. Now let me share a bit about John in the Netherlands. According to what he offers in his profile, he's a single 38 yr old, owns his own IT business, plays music and offers links to his U-tube channel(which I visited) and teaches children (I'm not sure what.) He wants to know if there are any princesses around anymore....... something about maps, liking creativity and originality, and wanting to know how to knit (much to his mother's dismay) Oh, and he does not care for modern art or ads etc. Hmm.... We've been down this I-don't-want-or-like-this business before. But. it got my creative juices going. I focused on three words for his post card. Princess, maps and knitting. Originally, it was going to be a princess sitting on a map, knitting, or knitting needles sticking out of her crown. Or "knit this." lol So, instead of giving it up and giving in and sending Mr J a stoooooopid card, this is what I ended up with on Friday night.
His Utube channel is "Jansen with an X" .......... here's the backside of the postcard.
I certainly had fun with it. lol. I am so glad you stopped by so I could share this with you.


  1. I’m liking your ‘wild child’ flowers. The color scheme you’re using is very appealing! (Nice card for John too, hope he likes it!)

  2. Brilliant flower card! I just love purple, but never really use it, I need to change that. So glad you're in on the fun with the ICAD challenge.

  3. Love how the simple use of two colors can make such a powerful statement of beauty. John sounds like quite an interesting catch!

  4. your index card is lovely, that postcard is a hoot! it made me smile...