Crappy Work Days

I really had no intention of putting much effort into today's icad if you really wanna know the truth. I really wasn't too enthusiastic. I attribute this partly to my crazy, crappy work day. So, I used this card I had done watercolor swirls on and took a pen and wrote how I was feeing in circles and then I wrote again the other way. I just wrote myself in circles. lol. Then I took some spray paint to give it some more color and drowned it enough so when I added some oil pastels the paper was soggy enough it started to rip.Ok. That's about how my day went. Too dark. I added some white gesso to lighten it up and give it some support. I was really trying to save it at this point. Still needed something. Ah. A stamp. Too dark. Needed some brightening. Maybe I was feeling a bit better. Ah. Red. I love red. I guess I did it. I wrote. I painted. I played. I showed up. Did you? Thanks for visiting.


  1. Sometimes showing up is the best we can do. Hope your day picked up and you’re feeling better!

  2. the wonders of art and it's power to transform us.