Tickled PInk

I sent this to Hannah in the Netherlands several weeks ago. I got this message from her today. "Hello, I love the card you made for me! I love making cards as well. This one is very special i think. Thanks a lot. Hannah" and she wrote another message: "Hello Jo, I watch your blogspot and you made my day happy two times now. I loved the card you send me and after watching your blogspot i am a fan of your work, Great. Thanks for sharing. Hannah" Makes me happy to know that Hannah is happy. And college student Lizzy, in Russia which was the first one I sent, wrote this message after getting her post card mail art. "Thank you for card,Jo!!! It is amazing=) I have never received hand-made card!! It is so cool and musical=)) Your russian is funny=) (I used Google translator when I sent her the postcard. I guess it sounded funny to her) Take care Lisa" It only took a little over a month for it to reach her. And I was HAPPY,no TICKLED PINK HAPPY when I came home to find this in MY mail box.
This was made by the awesome,cool, artist Robin. I find her blog delightful, actually, she usually give me a good chuckle in the middle of my chaotic work day and I really like that. So, she makes these awesome journals among other things, and I am lucky to have been the recipient of one. This little cutey is so sweet- almost too pretty to use. Thank you so much, Robin. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You are so welcome, Jo! Enjoy! (thanks for showing eveyone!)

  2. Came over from Robin's blog because your beautiful card is show there. What a beauties you make! Also love your profile text. A new follower,