Forty Four Hundred Miles

Yesterday my mailbox was happy again. I received my first post card from Post Crossings from Anu in Finland. The post card is a picture of one of her favorite artists, Raija Nokkala, titled Under The Umbrella. She is a PostCrossing addict, having sent out her millionth post card from Finland in January 2012. Wow!! That's a lot of post cards. That's one way to get mail. Here is the card.
I went to her Flickr site where she has a massive display of all her postcards very neatly captured in sets and collections, everything from National Parks, postcards for trade, Finnish towns and villages. And then I went back to her description of what kinds of postcards she wants." I prefer real, modern and new postcards, thanks. No any seasonal cards (Christmas, Easter etc.), ad-cards (unless it's something related to my preferences), free-rack cards, greeting cards, plain photos or self-made cards, please." I'm not sure if she considers "self-made cards" what I consider mail art, however, if I ever get her address to send her one, I might mess up her game plan. She'd be getting mail art from me, something that is "self-made." You know, something like this.


  1. Anything that Anu doesn't want I'll take! 'Self-made' by YOU is the best! Anytime! :)

  2. lol!! Thanks, Robin. Ditto!! lol.