Brain Farts

This is another page in the altered book. This is how it started.
I took paper and rolled them up to form the stems. This was trial and error to get them tight enough and then keep them rolled long enough to smother them in Mod Podge or Modge Podge or whatever it's called. I found that if I started rolling the paper around a skinny paint brush it worked ok for the first several, but after that, I guess I perfected my technique so well, I could't get them off the stick. I had to tear them off, followed by a few expletives. I found some big stamps made from cork in the 4 for $1.00 bin at Ben Franklin a while back. The big red flowers are the stamp. I wasn't too thrilled with them with the paint. I wanted to cover them up, actually. So, I took some rub-ons, also from the 4/$1.00 bin and tried those. Couldn't figure out why they were so shiny on the page after I stuck them on, and then I remembered these were not stickons but rub-ons. Duh! I was having a brain fart moment. Do you have brain farts? I liked them better but not enough to keep them as is.(Not the brain farts. The rub-ons) It still looked empty to me so I figured I'd take the paper bit a little further and cut out petals. Arranging them is ok but the challenging part is gluing all these babies down. And Good Lord, don't let me sneeze! Now where are the jeweler's forceps?
Help!! I think I am beginning to like it a bit more now. It's full and bright, and I like the contrasting patterns and color with the paper. I changed the background color and may still change it again. I'm not sure. What do you think? It's all in the playing.
Thanks for visiting. Jo


  1. I have brain farts ALL the time! Welcome to the club! LOL It's a growing faction apparently, so we're in good company.
    I like where this is going. The petals look gtreat with the rolled stems!

  2. Says a whole lot, yes when one can bring their entertainment from within, and have it right at home sweet home

    very powerful indeed.......

  3. Brian farts, that actually sounds artistically gaseous.

  4. I love the final picture - lovely! And love the story,