I was just playing in the studio yesterday- loose card stock pages. Threw some paint down, glued down some torn, found papers, much of my it my own art work, scribbled and doodled with lots of different markers, and this is what I got.
Good for mail art. Don't you think? It's a very rainy day today, all day, according to the forecasts. I guess we need it and I shouldn't complain too much with the exceptionally pleasant days we've had lately. Hope you're having a good day. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love your work ... what I like most is that within a set with many elements and colors you isolate each color and each motif and can identify all individuals within the composition.

  2. What great work and fun too. Sounds like you just went for it and had lots of fun adding bits here and there and adding markers, the results are so good. A true example of ENJOY and HAVE FUN.