She's Growing

I decided to bite the bullet, meet a deadline, despite my feelings of "I don't know if my stuff is THAT good. Don't be ridiculous. Life is too short not to have done this. Just bloody well, do it," I told my self. What is it you ask? Seth Apter has an open call for The Pulse of Mixed Media. He wants to include more artists and will do this on line. I spent some days thinking about what I would do in this 5x5 space and while I was working on some other projects, I just kind of fell in to it. I made 2 in case I didn't like one of them, figuring I might have the other one to fall back on. We were asked to choose one or all of three questions when doing this project. In other words our art had to reflect or answer the question. I chose "If your art work could talk, what would it say?" Here is/was my answer and my art.
I am kind of pleased with it. I am pleased with myself that I did it and met the deadline. I mailed it to N.Y this morning. In another note, MY MAN had a birthday a couple of days ago. During one of my trips to Ben Franklin several months ago I found one of those little photo albums on the $1.00 shelf specifically made for Valentine's Day with hearts, stickers and cutesy stuff. I gave it an overhaul, collaged, painted, stamped over it and filled the album pages with 4x6 pieces of my art. Here are some of the pages.
And then I wrapped it up in this.
And because he's such a wonderful chef and shows his love for me in the kitchen (ha ha ha . I just realized how that looks/sounds.) I got him these because, well, because. Doesn't every man want some of these?
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  1. First of all, great piece “She’s Growing”! It is so YOU! Perfect for the question you chose. And aren’t you the lucky one! Your man does the cooking! A belated Happy Birthday Jo’s Husband!

  2. I am so happy that you were inspired to submit to my call for art and were able to shut out those voices that made you initially hesitant. The piece Looks wonderful on line and is no doubt even better in person. Thanks!!

    1. Thank YOU, Seth, for your comment, and for commenting on the post.