I Can Imagine Anything

Thought I'd share some finished and in progress pages from the SMASH book which is really turning out to be an art journal after all. The pages are pretty sturdy card stock, so far, are holding up very well, and I am finding inspiration from the already designed pages. I kind of like the size of this book which is larger than the previous two with THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT and IN THE VAN. Here's a page I have finished.
And this is another finished page.
And what follows are beginnings of pages. I find I am working on laying down backgrounds, several pages at a time.
I will share more with you as these pages are completed. Hope everyone is having or had a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Jo


  1. Very inviting backgrounds! I’m tempted to jump into one or two of them myself!

  2. This stuff ,l or should I say artistic stuff, is really smasingly artsy.

    very imaginative, it seems u have a mind of your won(smile)

    keep it up, now I know what goes on up there.