Unfinished or Forgotten?

Do you have things that you've started and not finished for whatever reason? I seem to have lots of that; some of it has been neatly tucked away in folders, binders, big envelopes, in an old forgotten, put- on- the- back- burner- on -hold- for -years kind of way. When I first started to take my self seriously in that I wanted to actually DO art more than every now and then, I wasn't sure what I wanted to concentrate on. I didn't know whether I wanted to concentrate on sketching, drawing, painting, or art journaling.I didn't know then and I don't know now. I want to play......... with all of it. Maybe eventually, I will find what works for me or what I feel I do best. In the meantime, there still are not hours in the day beyond my work to DO all these things, so I will continue as I have been. Getting back to the original question. Do you have things that you've started and not finished? What do you do with them? I have never been in to scrap booking, but I bought a scrap book about 15 yrs ago just for the sole purpose of painting the front and back covers. I figured I would make my own journal. I got as far as painting them and that was it.
And do you also know the reason you save these things is because you think one day you WILL come back to find these and it will dawn on you that you CAN do something with this stuff now.?! There's a reason I created an "art line" across the room of my studio. So, I could see it and remember that I want to DO something with it even if I don't remember what it was I wanted to do.
These two pages are at least 2- 3 yrs old. I seemed to have been very into collaging and very Teesha Moore inspired. I also must have felt very powerful and at the same time, warrior like. I don't know where I was going, perhaps to war. Maybe I was at war within myself or other people given my life at the time. And maybe I didn't want to be or feel at war, but I had to remind myself that I was the queen of my castle. I find it interesting now to look at these two unfinished pages. I'm thinking these loose pages may find their way in to that broken down scrap book which will be recycled in to an art journal. Thanks for visiting.*****************jo

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  1. I have no idea what I want to be either! Artist for sure, but what genre? I have no clue! Then again, why do we need to choose? Who made THAT rule? I too have many ‘UFO’s’ (unfinished objects) and I don’t remember what I had in mind at the time! LOL
    Ah, the life of the artist!
    Cool collages!