The Chair Project continued

Thought you'd like to see a bit more on the progression of the chair. I am finding it kind of cool that I can see bits and pieces of all my own work on this piece of furniture.
And since we are beginning to see the winds pick up with Hurricane Sandy's impending presence, we covered The Garage Side Collaborative with plastic tarp. We hope that tacking it down will be enough to protect it. I find the paint splotches on the tarp already add to what's already there. Might have to add those splotches after the storm.
I hope this storm is not going to be a repeat of the last one which was had me ducking for cover in a downstairs closet with my dog. I hope everyone is well biw and will be safe this week until the storm passes. Thanks for visiting..............Jo


  1. Really like the chair you have been adding art work to, what a great idea. Fingers crossed with the storm....ann.

  2. Stay safe! (and dry, if possible!)